Monday, 19 January 2009

Kens Back?!

'Kens Back' was Ravens cry across the Gardens today. 'WTF" was the unanimous reply. 'Nark, Claarke! not Livininstark!'

We'll at least someone has retained a sense of Humour, I thought. But I only really thought that later, I would have liked to have thought that then, rather than later, then?

If I'd be bettin' persons (if I 'ad money), I'd bet that he's first Budget would definitely promote growth in some sectors, good thing too. I like a peck or two of scrumpy myself. Not too keen on the smoking mind you, its not the baccy, its them matches that scare me.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Wiltshire Recess

Nothing form my normal haunt for Friday, I was off taking some respite with my co-workers in Wiltshire. Beautiful part of the world, I'd like to have a little place down there to hang around on in the summer months, problem is they 'ave mostly cattle and sheep's there, and that's is a shame, I can't loose any more weight after that incident with the rabbits...

Well better get back to the field, more things to go 'Boo!' at..

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Third Runaway?

Shame abouts this new runaway malarky, seems that thems that are meant to in charge aren't really. Does this means that they'll bes a interminal 6 to be needed to? Or is theres a smell of two for one deal with Henley being converted to the Lost Bagage storage depot. (Just to get at Boris Mop'ead :-P)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

When Tweety is not a Sweety

I do like birds, lovely song at dawn each day. I will say that some is better than others though; each has its place mind. Shame some city folkspersons can't let things be, some have decided to feed the pigeons near embankment, that's ok, but now the frost has gone the pavement is covered with like what's on my coat, and that's not to nice for them who has to use 'em. Perhaps the feeder would like to be cleaner? At least my boss swaps me coat every now and then, keep the ticks and fleas down mind, not for some Tranny and Suzinny malarkey.

Monty is boxed in on the right flank....

The refurbishment of Whitehall has become too much for poor old Monty and his chums. It seems someone has now decided to do the decent thing and shield them from the view they would have of yet more hoardings, barriers and fluorescent jackets by putting them all in plywood boxes for the duration.

Either that or someone's is planning on moving them... maybe Gordy feels their glowers to are to accusatory...

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

No thanking you, I prefer my name...

Welcome to the result of a brief excursion into boggling. Sorry blogging?
Anyway if you're here, you know more than me, if you don't, you don't really care anyway.

Well the crazy gang are doing whatever they do in greater earnest than they did before the last emergency about something really important, oh yes that was it 'Integrity'. Well it always seems to boil down to that really. Well I hope this new Hyhways Agency Motorway High-speed Gritting project takes off, kindly sponsored by 'Windscreens-R-Expensive-but-you-don't-notice-because-its-amotised-in-your-insurance-permium' Company and the 'Rust-o-Stop' Paint Corporation.