Things to Ponder

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

When Tweety is not a Sweety

I do like birds, lovely song at dawn each day. I will say that some is better than others though; each has its place mind. Shame some city folkspersons can't let things be, some have decided to feed the pigeons near embankment, that's ok, but now the frost has gone the pavement is covered with like what's on my coat, and that's not to nice for them who has to use 'em. Perhaps the feeder would like to be cleaner? At least my boss swaps me coat every now and then, keep the ticks and fleas down mind, not for some Tranny and Suzinny malarkey.


  1. In MHO all Mime artists should be banished!

  2. I do a great mime of a scarecrow, strange no one pays me for it. Them statues freak Aunt Sally out, I agree ban them from the pavement, they can still do it in the road....